reader poll
September 20, 2022

This blog post will be short and sweet. Why? Because today, it’s all about you! As a fantasy and paranormal writer, I love to listen to others talk about their favorite genres and magical creatures. That’s why I created the poll below. I want to understand what kind of stories and magical creatures you’re most…

Mask and Handcuffs Taboo Romance Tropes
February 25, 2020

Taboo romance tropes are and have always been a favorite of mine. There is an allure to wanting something you can’t have. Stories filled with drama, intrigue and temptation are my guilty pleasure. As a reader, a vast amount of my books includes at least one taboo trope in some form or another. I enjoy…

Writing Progress

Vicious Circles Book 1
Phase:Writing Phase 2
Due:3 months ago
Phase:Second Draft Writing