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Sabrina K. Mercury creates gay fantasy and paranormal novels, novellas, novelettes and short stories. From witches to shapeshifters, from the modern world to futuristic settings, Sabrina dives into the pleasures of the forbidden and taboo. Her gay fantasy books include explicitly written scenes, adult themes and strong language.

Warning: Sabrina K. Mercury books are intended for mature audiences over the legal age of majority, 18.

22 Hours

At the Blue Sea Hotel, waves crash into the shore and the fun begins at sunset. For Harlan Jung, it was another solo date until a chance meeting with a handsome stranger changed his night. Will Harlan indulge in a little dessert after dinner?



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In The Moonlight

For men who fancy their own, the Cream Shop caters to a plethora of desires. After years of being on the bottom rung of the bathhouse’s chain of consorts, Sénka is willing to do anything. His debut has come and seducing the Cream Shop’s top client and influential entrepreneur, Lord Arion, is a sure-fire way to secure a position. With his future riding on this one night, is Sénka truly ready for the consequences of his actions?​

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