Organizing Your World Building
October 2, 2021

The General Section In my last post, I spoke about what a simple guide to organizing your worldbuilding is and how to use the system. If you would like a recap, you can click the following link here.   A General Summary of the General Section The general section is best used for information that…

Organizing Your World Building
September 10, 2021

The Introduction   What is a simple guide to organizing your worldbuilding? A simple guide to organizing your worldbuilding is both a reference tool and a customizable template. As a reference, it can be a friendly reminder of what to include when worldbuilding. As a template, it creates searchable story bible that is quick and…

November 2, 2020

TL;DR: Starting on November 2nd, 2020, I am taking part in a self-proposed 100 day writing challenge. For the next 100 days, I will write for at least of fifteen minutes every day. By the end of the hundred days, I should have completed at least one of my goals: Have at least one manuscript…

Writing Progress

Vicious Circles Book 1
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