Sabrina’s 2021 Goals For a Creative Year

Happy 2021! It’s a new year which means new goals for 2021. If you’re like me, your new year’s tradition involves wanting to start off the year on the right foot. We all know how horrible last year was. We accomplished none of our goals, everything we wanted to achieve fell to the wayside, and all our aspirations just dashed away.

Even with all the things happening around us, it’s okay. Why? Because it’s a new year and a new us.

Like you, I want to give myself motivation to accomplish something in a year. Like you, I don’t want to look back and wonder where my time went and wonder what in the world did I do with my life.

I’m writing this to hold myself accountable. I want to inspire you to want to hold yourself as accountable too. If we could complete just 50 to 75 percent of our goals by December, then this year could be our year of success.

To start off this new year, we should pick a one word theme to motivate us throughout the year. If you didn’t catch from the title, my theme is create.

For 2021, I want to create more content for your enjoyment. That’s more blogs, better stories, and further interactions through a newsletter. The deadline I gave myself to complete these goals is December 31, 2021. Without further ado, here are my goal for 2021.

Books & Writing Milestones:

  • Have 22 Hours Edited and Published
  • Complete Master Chapter Outline for Vicious Circles Series
  • Draft of Books 1 & 2 of Vicious Circles Series
  • Redraft of Amorphous Novel
  • Finish World Building the Aetherverse
  • Create 10 New Short Stories
  • Spend At Least An Hour and A Half Writing, Editing and Planning/World building Daily

A few of these you’ve probably seen on my 100 Day Challenge post. I added it only to reaffirm my drive and dedication to completing these goals in the new year.

Business Milestones:

  • Complete Email Newsletter Automations
  • Have 500 Newsletter Subscribers
  • Guest Star On A Podcast
  • Have The Foundation of Author Business Laid Out and Set Up

I chose these goals because I want to take the business side of being an author more seriously. While writing may only be a hobby, my goal is to make it be a self-sustaining one. My hope by the year’s end is to build a solid foundation to take my authorpreneurship to the next stages of my five-year plan.

Blogging Milestones:

  • Have At Least 12-24 Blog Posts on Website
  • Take Part In At Least 2-4 Guests Posts
  • Complete Blogging Editorial Calendar

You’re probably like me with blogging. You intend to write with a well full of content ideas. Time slowly creeps in and soon enough you’re staring at a blank word document and your idea well has gone dry. Then days turn into weeks, then months and poof, all your writing goals end up falling to the wayside.

This year, I wanted to give myself a more finite goal. To do so, I gave myself a number range for blog posts I want to submit. I believe that by creating a blog editorial calendar and an exact number of posts, I’ll be able to stay on target with my goal for the year.

Other Milestones:

  • Crush Current Credit Card Debt
  • Move Out Family House and into An Apartment
  • Read 5 New Books on Kindle
  • Take Part in Challenges Similar to the 100 Day Challenge

There’s a saying that in order to make money, you need to spend money. This saying couldn’t be any truer in 2021 than for authors. Editors, book covers, and marketing is an expectant cost for creating quality stories. My aim is to crush my credit card debt to pool my extra funds into supporting my writing until it is self-sustaining.

In the space I’m in now, it’s a lot harder to find motivation with the constant background noise. A larger and quieter space will give me room to set up a writing station to further fuel my creative process.

2021 Goals In Summary

While December can appear a long time from now, we both know that a year can be over before you even knew where to begin. Just look back at 2020. I hope you enjoy hearing about my goals for 2021.

I’m very curious to hear about yours as well. In fact, that I invited my first guest blogger to share their goals for 2021. You can read their post here.

Writing Progress

Vicious Circles Book 1
Phase:Writing Phase 2
Due:3 months ago
Phase:Second Draft Writing