2021 Blogging, Reading Goals & Reading Challenges

Guest post by Steph



So far this year my blog has been very active. I don’t want to let that slip, but also, I don’t think I can do 5 posts every week. For 2021 I would like to post on my blog at least two times a week, and the extra day will be a discussion post, review, or media post. I feel this is the best for me because it’s not crazy, and it’s something that I can easily achieve. Between memes and my media post, I was posting two times a week towards the end of the year.


I would like to plan more posts and write more posts in advance this year. What makes me not want to post as much is that I don’t plan as much. I want to use the drafts and scheduling a post to go live at a certain time.

My third and final goal for my blog this year is to get more active in the book blogging community, book twitter, and booktube. I have done this by going to different blogs, joining the Among Us Readathon, and following some popular booktubers. I have been enjoying the community aspect so far, and I hope to continue to expand the content I’m enjoying.



My reading goal this year is 35 books. I lowered my goal last year, because I was having a rough reading year, but then I went over my yearly goal. This I feel is an achievable goal, I like to keep my goal low so it’s less pressure, but it’s not so low that I’ll be finished with my challenge early in the year. You can always go higher if you reach the goal too soon.


I would like to read more E-ARCS this year. I didn’t know how easy it was to get an E-ARC, and I didn’t even know that Edelweiss + existed. I’m not going to put a number on how many arcs I want to read, because I want to have fun with them, and mix them with books I’m going to read for challenges.



Reading challenges are always fun. I already said that my Goodreads challenge for the year is 35.

The Facebook group TBR & Beyond is doing a challenge, and my goal for that is all the prompts including a few of the bonuses. You can check out the challenge here.

Procrastinators Book Club is on Goodreads, and I’m doing 12 prompts as a traveler. You can check them out here.

Modern Mrs. Darcy is a blog and a podcast that I would like to start listening to more. This year, we’re doing a Choose Your Own Adventure based on a survey. Here are my prompts.

My name is Steph, and you can find my blog here and check out BooksandQuills Mag here.


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